Forward Space is your single point of contact for furniture, floor covering, and related products/services. Through the effective application and management of these assets, we’ll help to enhance workplace performance. Forward Space works with customers to achieve well designed, well managed and flexible work environments.

Our services address our customers’ needs through the entire life-cycle of their space. From planning thru procurement and post use, including acceptable environmental disposal, our commitment is to respond to you as your business grows and your needs change.


Asset Management

A solid furniture asset management strategy is an excellent way to control and contain unnecessary expenses. It allows you to know what you have, how much is available, where it is located, and how it can be reallocated for your company when needed. It can also help you dispose of product that you no longer need, allowing you to manage your storage costs more effectively. At our 150,000 square foot warehouse in Lake County, IL, we employ the latest inventory technology to track and manage your assets.

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Your e-business online account allows you to inquire, plan, order and more on a secure server. Each user within your organization can be granted a unique username and password along with the specific security to access only what they need.

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Flooring Services

When you choose Forward Space for your flooring needs, you can be sure that the entire project will run smoothly. Our floor covering department will work closely with you to effectively and efficiently manage your project. We understand the importance of meeting crucial deadlines so our floor covering experts will make sure the job is done right and on time.

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Furniture Management

Forward Space is your single point of contact for furniture and furniture management services. Through effective application and management, Forward Space helps enhance the performance of the workplace. We work with our customers to achieve well designed, well managed, flexible workplaces.

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Nationwide Services

The Steelcase Dealer Network Program is a formal business alliance that unites a select group of office furniture dealers and their multifaceted capabilities for creating, equipping and maintaining commercial facilities. The Network Dealers provide all of the products and services associated with top-quality office furniture dealers.

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Project Management Services

Forward Space utilizes our award winning Order Management System for project management services. This system was developed by Forward Space and is used exclusively for our customers.

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