Your e-business online account allows you to inquire, plan, order and more on a secure server. Each user within your organization can be granted a unique username and password along with the specific security to access only what they need. Below is a summary of online features:

Order New Product Based On Your Standards – Order new products from your online account. Forward Space can create a custom catalog of the products orders most frequently.

Select your purchase requisition by standard class (i.e. files, desks, seating, etc). Drill down on each class and select the item you need
Your requisition has the ability to be routed through your organization for approval before being electronically transferred for processing

Pull From Existing Inventory – If you already store your assets with Forward Space, your inventory is accessible online.

Inventory inquiry — includes Trial Kit (the ability to quickly determine how many workstations you can build from your inventory)
Inventory reservations
Ability to enter orders against your inventory
On-line inventory reporting
CAD/CET drawings
When working with Forward Space Technical Services, you are able to view your CAD/CET plans, discuss ideas, review progress, zoom into specific areas, print to your local printer and more.

Additional features include:

View your CAD/CET drawings on-line
Access Hedberg order information
Direct access to our business system online

Available reporting options:

Order Inquiry – Inquire on all of your orders placed with Forward Space
Aged Trial Balance – Keep current on the state of your account
Purchasing Statistics – Analyze what you have purchased from Forward Space