The Steelcase Dealer Network Program is a formal business alliance that unites a select group of office furniture dealers and their multifaceted capabilities for creating, equipping and maintaining commercial facilities. The Network Dealers provide all of the products and services associated with top-quality office furniture dealers. They augment these capabilities with a menu of powerful technological tools and specialized, consultative services. This alliance provides our customers with a single source of supply and accountability. Moreover, every project a Network Dealer undertakes is supported by a continent full of facilities-related experience.

The alliance offers customers:

Consistency in products, service, and procedures Timely delivery and installation
An automated communications infrastructure for accurate updates of job status Installation planning crafted for enhanced productivity
A precise forecast of costs Guaranteed satisfaction

Steelcase Network Dealers provide an array of new products and services for the creation and management of more productive office environments:

Advanced technological systems for the complete administration of facilities Bar coding, control and warehousing of inventory
Systems and procedures for increased efficiency of the order fulfillment process Transportation of assets
Comprehensive project management Move management
Asset management Voice and cable management