Empower your teams to adapt on the fly

Consider creating dynamic team neighborhoods that are designed for spontaneity to empower teams to adapt their workspace as needed, making it easy to shift from a brainstorming session to a workshop, or from a daily stand-up to a sprint review. The Steelcase Flex Collection is a great option because helps teams to adapt their space as needed, keep their work visible, shape team identity, and support their changing activities and behaviors.

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A gray Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary

Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundary

The multi-use acoustic boundary is a necessity in any busy team space. It provides acoustic performance, space division and a visual display area.

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power is a sleek, smart mobile power solution that gives teams and individuals the freedom to work anywhere they want.

Clipper privacy panels


Portable and user-deployable, Clipper freestanding screens by turnstone deliver on-demand privacy + space definition to any space.

Navigating the New Normal

Coming together in the workplace to collaborate and innovate is crucial for any space, but the these spaces must also consider new safety concerns. They must also be flexible enough to pivot towards supporting the physical distancing and cleaning protocols that are required to create a safer work environment. These spaces that employees use most must be created or adapted to not only enhance productivity but to ensure that the people using them can feel safe and actually be safe, too.

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Resources for the The Post-COVID Workplace

What will it look like and how will you protect your customers and employees? Navigating this crisis will be challenging for every workplace, but with science-based, data-driven guidelines we can make your workplace even better than it was before.

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