The Post-COVID Workplace

Going back to the office, for most people, is going to feel a lot different than when they left, but over time a new “normal” will emerge. There is a lot of conjecture about what that will look like, but we know that the global COVID-19 pandemic will change the workplace forever. The challenge ahead is to make the office even better than it was before the crisis, and we’re here to help ensure your workplace is ready.

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See Some Of The Measures Forward Space Implemented To Address A Post-COVID World

See Some Of The Measures Forward Space Implemented To Address A Post-COVID World

Our newly expanded Merchandise Mart location not only serves as a showroom, but it also doubles as office space for our Chicago team. With that being the case, the recent COVID crisis has caused us, like everyone else, to rethink our space to better protect our employees and visitors. With that in mind we implemented several safety measures to add physical barriers, aid in sanitation and address social distancing. To see some of the measures that we took to keep our team safe, click the link below to view our Pre- and Post-COVID virtual tours.

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As organizations are cleaning their workspaces in preparation for a return to the office, the Steelcase Surface Materials team has created an interactive guide to go along with our updated product cleaning recommendations. The new interactive guide labels common materials that comprise a typical work setting. Users can click the annotated materials to find directions on how to clean that surface.

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