Design Architect: CannonDesign
Photography: Christopher Barrett Photography

In 2016, Zurich North America (ZNA) moved into a new corporate campus on a 40-acre site in Schaumburg, IL. The unique 11-floor building features 2,459 workstations, 391 touch-down stations, and 239 private offices, all with details that are energy efficient and employee focused. ZNA chose to stay in Schaumburg to retain their workforce, most of which live nearby. The buildings are positioned so sunlight can reach all of the outdoor shared spaces, and the plaza level is sunken to reduce the traffic noise. The campus also supports its own conference center in a connected pavilion. All “private areas” are located in the building core to maximize the natural sunlight for employees. The interior reflects a Swiss preference for clean-lined simplicity. These open and shared spaces will help to promote more employee engagement.