Design: Forward Space Studio
Photography: ©RUSH

Chartered two days before the city of Chicago was incorporated in 1837, Rush Medical College has witnessed massive change in the worlds of medicine and education. With study materials now available online, students no longer needed their library as a primary source of information. Instead, they wanted a space where they could collaborate with classmates, do focus work, and socialize with their peers. Forward Space installed both private and group study areas to turn the space into a valuable asset for the students.

OFS Obeya walls were installed to establish visual distinctions between group study spaces and private study areas. The whiteboards within these systems encourage movement and collective brainstorming. For silent study, Steelcase Brody study pods were lined up to give students private space. Steelcase Health Regard seating was installed along the windows to make booths. This design choice not only provided a space for students to study and meet, but was also a visual reference to the healthcare spaces they will one day work in.

The updates to the library were extremely well received by the student body. The space now supports their educational needs and properly functions as a collaboration space and student hub.