Design: Forward Space Studio

Nicolet High School partnered with Forward Space to refurnish over 90 learning spaces within their building. To get the most out of their investment, the team at Nicolet took advantage of Forward Space’s pilot program to get a full understanding of what upgrades their students and faculty really needed so they could know the best pieces to order for their space.

Through Forward Space’s pilot program, two classrooms were fully equipped with various tables, chairs, teachers’ desks, stools, and lecterns for the staff and students at Nicolet to try out and compare.

Important insights were gained through this trial period. For example, there were initial plans for student tables to have casters. But by the end of their demo period, Nicolet’s staff realized that they didn’t move the tables around as much as they thought they would. This realization allowed them to substantially cut costs by omitting the casters they were initially set on including. Alternatively, teachers’ lecterns, originally thought to be of no use to their staff, were found to be extremely useful and were quickly adopted into their educators’ routines.

By allowing their faculty to test out these pieces and measure their use in real-world applications, Nicolet was able to cut costs and build a space that fully supports their team in ways they hadn’t even considered before. After just a month, the team at Nicolet was equipped with advanced knowledge of what pieces were the best fit to furnish the rest of their school to support the exact needs of students and staff.