Design: HED

HED is an architecture and design firm with offices all over the country. They called on Forward Space to assist in furnishing their new office in Chicago, IL. HED wanted the new space to provide their team with complete choice. Every inch of the office was utilized to offer a variety of postures and settings to fit a range of needs.

Lockers were added to provide a safe space to store belongings while moving throughout the office. Workstations with tall panels were installed for those looking for private work, while benching systems with shorter panels were installed for a more collaborative setting. The focus on choice extended into smaller details of their phone rooms, with employees provided options to pick between adjustable and static desk options.

The anchor in the space is a large custom worktable installed with soft, inviting stools. Large enough to host multiple teams of people, this table functions as a focal point to the office. Its location in the center of the office encourages the team to gather and collaborate on projects of any size together.

These additions to the space support HED’s value of “individuality together”, which is people-first and supports close collaboration within their team. With the new furnishings, the team at HED is empowered to work in a way that’s best for their individual selves while easily maintaining close team connections.