What can you expect from Forward Space?

Product Knowledge and Expertise – As flooring specialists, we regularly help our clients create specs, make product selections, and interpret how they may impact installation. We feature an extensive library of multiple manufacturers, allowing us to compare product information openly and objectively, ensuring you always get the most unbiased and reliable information.


Dependable Service – Our project team has years of experience with diverse flooring projects and works seamlessly together, ensuring every aspect of your project achieves your satisfaction.


Attentive Follow-Through – Our track record for meeting deadlines and fulfilling promises is one reason our clients come back to us again and again. Our attention to detail is another.


Risk Reduction – Our staff has years of experience handling projects of virtually every size, type and site condition. Our entire team, from manager to installer, works seamlessly together, ensuring satisfaction at every step.


Careful Cost Management – Utilizing Callidus estimating and planning software, we provide the most accurate project costs which helps our projects to finish within budget. We also tightly manage labor expenses, ensuring a flooring solution that delivers the greatest long-term satisfaction and value.


Time Savings – With our expertise, we can help you assemble comprehensive project schemes, including suggesting recommended finishes. We carefully follow your creative direction, no matter how specific, saving you significant time and effort.


Sustainability Initiatives – We can help achieve environmental certification, protecting your project against “greenwash” claims. This includes researching LEED-friendly products to meet sustainability certifications.


Samples When You Need Them – With our dedicated representatives, we offer prompt access to product samples so you can respond more quickly and effectively to project needs.


Comprehensive Service Portfolio –  We’ll address all the components and resources required to arrive at the perfect solution, taking into account budget, environmental issues, manufacturing times, adhesive requirements, acceptable static electricity levels, installation techniques, leveling/patching compatibilities, etc. In addition, we can often provide dramatic cost savings in renovation projects where systems furniture can be left in place and intact during the process of replacing your carpet.

Budgets & Estimates Maintenance Programs
Callidus Reports Phasing & Seaming Diagrams
Carpet Cleaning Planning & Consultation
Carpet Replacement in Occupied Spaces. (Furniture-Lifting) Project Management
Product Consultation Reconfiguration
Custom Design Recycling & Reclamation
Delivery / Installation
Floor Preparation …and more!